ABSC Organics Wins Best All Around CBD Oil for Dogs

ABSC Named BEST pet CBD oil you can buy by Remedy Review

ABSC Organics is Top Dog in CBD Oil Rankings

Life is strange these days, and the news is often dominated by pandemic stories that are stressful and scary. During such an anxious time, we’re especially excited to announce a bright spot of good news. We’ve just been named “BEST OVERALL” in Remedy Review’s updated CBD Oil for Dogs review! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Image from Remedy Reviews CBD for Dogs Review – updated March 2020

Who is Remedy Review?

Remedy Review is a highly trusted resource for CBD industry reviews and information, and their recommendations carry serious weight. They conduct independent CBD oil reviews based on specific science-based criteria. We knew they were updating their CBD Oil for Dogs picks this spring, and we had all of our fingers (and toes) crossed that they’d give us a nod. We don’t have the big marketing budget that some of our competitors can wield, so our name recognition isn’t as high, but we’re standing on science, integrity, and impeccable quality standards, and we hoped that trifecta would speak for itself. All of your amazing testimonials about the ways our CBD oil has helped your pets couldn’t hurt either, right?

ABSC Organics Wins Best All Around CBD Oil for Dogs

We’re absolutely thrilled to featured first in their updated ratings. We’re the all around BEST pet CBD oil you can buy! We’re so glad that the folks at Remedy Review figured out what we’ve known all along: If you want the very best for your pet, choose ABSC Organics! Check out their CBD oil buying guide here!

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