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Not all CBD oil is created equal

New year, same story. CBD oil is hot, sales are climbing, and new participants are flocking to the market, hoping to cash in on the CBD gold rush. But with federal oversight lagging behind the market and regulations murky, it’s buyer beware when it comes to this hemp-based product. Just ask Bill Bookout, president of the National Animal Supplement Council, who warned consumers about unscrupulous and poor-quality operators in a recent Denver Post article. “Probably 95 percent of the industry participants are responsible,” he said, “but what’s dangerous is the fly-by-night operative that wants to cash in.

ABSC Organics founder offers CBD counsel

“It’s really the Wild West out there,” said S. David Moche, founder of Applied Basic Science, a company formed to support Colorado State University’s veterinary CBD research and now selling CBD online. He advises consumers to look for a certificate of analysis from a third-party testing laboratory to ensure they’re getting what they pay for. “Testing and labeling is going to be a critical part of the future of this industry,” Moche said.

Esch, Mary, Associated Press, January 7, 2020, https://www.denverpost.com/2020/01/07/pet-products-cbd-researchers/

ABSC Organics taking responsible path to CBD oil sales

WIth our focus on clinical research and rigorous testing, ABSC Organics has emerged as a leader in the industry and a beacon of responsibility and trustworthiness. Our partners at Colorado State University—including Dr. Stephanie McGrath and her team—are leading the way with timely and relevant research aimed at providing scientific proof of CBD’s efficacy. With three published trials already completed and a larger epilepsy trial underway in conjunction with the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation, we’re gathering data as fast as we can to support the anecdotal stories we hear every day from our clients.

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Use caution and common sense

If you’re interested in trying CBD oil for your pet’s pain, seizures, anxiety, or other symptoms, we hope you’ll buy from us. But wherever you buy, we urge you to use caution and common sense. The slickest website isn’t always backed up by the best science, and the biggest and boldest claims aren’t always verifiable. We won’t promise you that ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ is a miracle cure for every ailment, and we won’t make grandiose and unsupported claims. We will promise you that we’re the only veterinary CBD company who has invested the time and resources into multiple clinical trials at a leading veterinary research institution. We’ll promise you that the glowing testimonials and stories you see on our site are true tales from real customers. And we’ll promise you that our products are always tested for quality, consistency, and purity. Because we care about pets, and we care about doing it right. You can count on that.

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