ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil Dosage

We have created the recommended dosage chart below based on our clinical trials of dogs. Please contact us with specific questions regarding cats, horses and other pets.

Choose your dosage category:

  • BASELINE is the recommended starting point, and is usually sufficient for most needs.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH dosing provides more CBD – it matches the dosing used in the clinical study, and is appropriate for cancer patients, dogs in extreme pain, or other issues where the BASELINE dosing does not provide enough relief.
  • MAXIMUM dosing offers the highest amount of CBD, and has not been clinically tested at this time. We recommend MAXIMUM dosing only for palliative end-of-life care.

Baseline Dosage Chart | START HERE

Example: Jenni has a 75 pound Golden Retriever named Shep with moderate hip dysplasia pain. Jenni has never tried CBD oil before, so she’d like to start with the BASELINE dosage, but would like to have the flexibility to increase Shep’s dose if necessary. By rounding up to 80 and looking down the chart, she sees that all three products will work for Shep. She chooses the 1200mg product because it offers the most flexible and sensible dosage options for Shep.