“CBD—the non-psychoactive derivative of the marijuana and hemp plants—has taken off among humans, marketed as a solution for everything from pain and anxiety to skin care and diet. So it should come as no surprise that pets—on whom Americans spend $72 billion annually—may reap the supposed benefits. CBD oil has made its way into pet treats and oils sprinkled carefully over the food bowl, making up nearly $7 million of the almost $6 billion in weed dispensary sales in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington last year.” – Vanity Fair, December 2018

In a December 27 article, Vanity Fair explores the growing market for CBD products formulated for pets, noting that “the Internet is full of happy anecdotal stories…about the wonders of CBD oil.”  Indeed, a quick inventory of chat rooms, forums, and social media feeds delivers a seemingly endless stream of happy and hopeful pet owners. They’ve turned to CBD oil to help alleviate pain, anxiety, and seizures in their companion animals, and in many cases, they’re seeing great success and creating a lot of buzz.

Happy anecdotal stories are great. And the right CBD oil can deliver a host of wonderful health effects for humans and their furry friends. But in a market full of mom and pop suppliers and unsubstantiated claims, it’s important to make sure that the supplement you use is backed by more than just a happy tale. Here at Applied Basic Science, we’re grounded in the belief that our industry-leading investment in clinical testing allows us to offer a superior product that has been tested for safety and efficacy. Want to learn more about the science behind ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™? Visit our News and Research page, or check out our educational video series on our YouTube channel. We love a great story, but we love science even more.