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Many people believe that different hemp strains have different effects. It is widely thought that Indica strains are sedating and that Sativa strains are more uplifting or energizing, and that Sativa and Indica hybrids exhibit a mix of both traits that is dependent on the relative amount of each in the hybrid. A predominately Indica hybrid would theoretically be more sedating than a predominately Sativa hybrid.

However, the differences between strains are more a result of the individual plant’s ingredient profile than whether it is an Indica or a Sativa plant.

The characteristics, or “fingerprint”, of a plant are a result of its genetic make-up, which determines the ratios of all of the individual compounds found in it, including the more than 200 different terpenes and more than 100 other ingredients. It is the combination of all of those elements that distinguishes the effects of one strain from the effects of another.

Our C.H.O. Pet Tincture product is made from one unique and specific hemp plant with a very distinct and consistent profile of active ingredients. That one-of-a-kind profile was found to be safe in dogs in the study we sponsored in 201 6 at the Colorado State University veterinary medical school in Fort Collins, Colorado.

It is impossible to extrapolate from that study to say that any other hemp oil extract is safe because each plant and each combination of flavinoids and terpenes, and other ingredients is unique.

It is entirely possible that another plant and its profile of compounds would have completely different effects and might not be safe.

The clinical effect of that same very unique plant on epilepsy and arthritis in dogs is currently being studied under our sponsorship at CSU.  Results are expected th is Summer 2018.

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This product has been tested as safe. However, every dog, breed and situation is different. Please consult with your veterinarian in order to make an informed decision, discuss any complications and report any adverse side effects. Until we complete our clinical trials we cannot recommend our product for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment or cure of any disease or ailment.