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1200 mg | ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ for Large Dogs

For dogs 50-100lbs
1200mg CBD concentration in 30mL bottle

Proprietary Premium Tincture from Colorado Hemp Oil

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10 reviews for Subscribe to Large Dog CBD Oil (50-100lbs)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our dog has a brain tumor that is causing various symptoms. We started with medium dog dose which was borderline too small of a dosage for him. After getting the large dog dose there is a noticeable difference in his comfort and activity level.

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  2. Gregory Gile (verified owner)

    Our Koa boy was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and was walking around on three legs. Since we started using this product he’s walking and running around like normal. Amazing results! Thank you!

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  3. Krista M. (verified owner)

    My dog is feeling really good since giving him this. He’s getting older and had a small seizure recently. Since giving him this, he looks forward to walks and the dog park – sometimes he even runs. He seems in better spirits overall.

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  4. Cheryl (verified owner)

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  5. Sara (verified owner)

    I definitely notice a difference in my 12yr old dog. Not only does it help with his arthritis but it also makes him much more calm when fireworks are going off in our neighborhood. It has been very helpful because our neighborhood believes the 4th of July lasts from June till September. My pup is so much happier now that we give him ABSC.

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  6. Megan C Murphy (verified owner)

    My dog was diagnosed as having a brain tumor in October, confirmed by MRI after 2 seizures within a month of each other. His prognosis was weeks to months. We started him on anti-seizure medication (phenobarbital) and ABS’ CBD oil then. Per a veterinary oncologist we spoke to, CBD would be worth trying, given anti-inflammatory properties, as long as sourced from a lab involved in clinical studies. (CBD products are not regulated, so having a trustworthy manufacturer is important.)

    The immediate benefit was apparent improvement in his ease of movement. We are now in mid-February, and he had his first seizure since starting on the phenobarbital and CBD oil last week. He seems to have infrequent headaches; other effects of the tumor (change in behavior, getting lost in corners, confusion) have yet to present. He is doing extremely well with great quality of life 4 months post-diagnosis.

    Is the CBD or the phenobarbital more to credit? Hard to say, at least with respect to the seizures. But I am happy that we opted for this non-invasive treatment option (that he enjoys) and grateful for these bonus months to spoil him.

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  7. josep duval (verified owner)

    we had to stop given because of diahrea issue. not sure it was CBD or a medication he was on. so we are holding off untill he is clear of other meds hope to resume soon and retry it. thanks

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  8. Tina (verified owner)

    My 4yr old female husky has injured the ligaments in her back legs and she could hardly walk. Thanks to your cbd oil she is up walking and playing again, thanks so much for giving us our dog back!!

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  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  10. margaret solomon (verified owner)

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