Applied Basic Science tests every batch of C.H.O.™ Pet CBD Oil.

Pure CBD oil Eliminates Contaminants

Contaminants can jeopardize recovery

In “Pet Owners Turn to CBD to Treat Animals,” NBC Miami journalist Dan Krauth highlights an important side of testing when it comes to CBD products. You want to know what’s in your pet’s CBD oil. But it’s equally important to know what’s not in the products you buy. Not every product on the market is safe; some CBD oils have tested positive for mold and other contaminants. And that’s a big problem says Chris Martinez. Martinez runs a lab that performs independent testing for more than 400 companies.

“It’s definitely something to be concerned about from this point forward,” said Martinez. “A microbial can be a life-threatening situation for a patient or a dog that’s suffering from some type of immune deficiency disease.”

Krauth, Dan. “Pet Owners Turn to CBD to Treat Animals.” NBC Miami, NBC Universal Media, 6 Feb. 2019,

Clean CBD is Good CBD

If you’ve been an Applied Basic Science customer for long, you probably already know that we test every batch of ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ for CBD concentration consistency. Did you know that we also test for the presence of contaminants? With each batch, we look for pesticides, fungicides, microbial contaminants, and solvents. We know that many of our patients are dealing with difficult ailments, and we’re committed to making sure our CBD oil is pure and safe. Fungi and other contaminants can stress your pet’s immune system and complicate their recovery. That’s the last thing you want when your beloved pet is suffering.

Routinely testing our CBD oil for undesirable contaminants such as pesticides, microbial contaminants, and solvents is a cornerstone of our safety protocol.
Sample Certificate of Analysis from one of our batches.

Applied Basic Science Cares For Your Pet

Applied Basic Science cares for your pet with CBD oil that has gone through three clinical trials and rigorous batch testing. Whether you’re treating for osteoarthritis, anxiety, fungal infections, or seizures, you can rest easy when you buy ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™.

You deserve peace of mind. Get it at Our organic CBD oil is pure and safe for your furry family member.

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