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Four Tips to Help Your Dog Transition from Shelter to Home

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Share the news with shelters and rescues to help them win!

October is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, which means it’s a perfect time to bring a new furball into your family. Many shelters and rescues are running adoption specials to help them deal with the sad reality of overcrowding and limited resources at their facilities. 

Here at ABSC Organics, we love shelter pups and we love the organizations that work tirelessly to find them homes. That’s why we want to celebrate this month by donating CBD Starter Packs to the shelters and rescue organizations you love. For every five bottles of ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ we sell this month, we’ll donate one full-size bottle to a shelter or rescue organization. You can enter your favorite organization to win by sharing our Facebook post and tagging the organization  (publicly, so we can see who’s being entered!), emailing us the organization’s info at, or commenting on this article with all the relevant info so we can contact the shelter. Shelters can nominate themselves too, so spread the word! 

Thinking about rescuing a pup of your own this month or in the future? Read on for some tips to help your dog transition smoothly to their new home sweet home! 

Rescue Dog Tip #1: Manage Your Expectations

Set yourself and your new pet up for success by entering your new relationship with the right expectations. Bringing home a new pet can always be overwhelming, and rescue dogs can come with special challenges. Shelter life is stressful, and they may have a history of abuse or neglect. Know what you’re getting yourself into before you start, and commit to the patience and training it will require. Your commitment will pay off in spades—rescue dogs seem to offer a special type of love and gratitude once they settle into their new families. 

Rescue Dog Tip #2: Keep Your Pup Safe

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Chew toys are great but cords can be expensive and dangerous.

It should go without saying that you need to do some dog-proofing before bringing a rescue pup home. Create a safe space with baby gates or other barriers and make sure cords, breakables, and valuables are removed or secured in that area. Remember that your rescue dog will not know the rules of your home, and may not have ever lived in a nurturing and safe environment. They will be curious and anxious, which can lead to problems if they are left unattended with the run of the house. 

Rescue Dog Tip #3: Go Slow with the Socialization

Be patient with your shelter pup and give them lots of time to get comfortable with you in a non-threatening environment. Let them come to you for affection, and don’t be offended if they are wary at first. Limit interactions with other pets and other people in the first few weeks to give your new pet time to acclimate, and manage interactions with other dogs carefully. 

Rescue Dog Tip #4: Establish Healthy and Consistent Routines

Like most humans, dogs love predictability and consistency. Shelter dogs crave that sense of security even more, so it’s important to set schedules and routines and stick to them. Choose a healthy, high quality diet and don’t experiment with new things in the early days. Establish consistent sleep cycles and give them scheduled potty breaks. 

Consider Veterinary CBD Oil 

All of these tips will help convince your dog that their new home and family are here to stay, and should help them manage the natural stress and anxiety they may feel. If time and patience don’t do enough to ease your new pet’s stress levels, consider adding CBD oil into their wellness routine. We hear from pet owners every day who say that CBD oil helps manage their dog’s anxiety levels while offering a host of other benefits. Our ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ is the only veterinary CBD oil that has been through multiple clinical trials for safety and efficacy, so you can buy with confidence. And when you shop in October, you help us donate more to shelters and rescues across the country! Save 15% through 10/1 with code SHELTERPUP15!

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Help Us Support Rescues and Shelters

We Want To Help During National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog month, and we’d like to celebrate! Here at ABSC Organics, we love shelter pups, and we love to support the critical work of shelters and rescue organizations whenever we can. This month, we’d like to offer an ABSC Organics CBD Shelter Starter Pack to the shelters YOU love to support!

Shelter Starter Pack Promotion

Shelter Dog Promotion Free CBD Oil
The more you buy, the more we donate!

For every five bottles purchased during the month of October, we’ll draw the name of a shelter or rescue organization. Each selected shelter will receive a CBD starter pack that includes a FULL SIZE BOTTLE of ABSC Organic Pure CBD Oil™! So let’s do a little math: If we sell 100 bottles of CBD oil this month, we’ll donate 20 bottles to the shelter and rescue organizations you care about!

How does a shelter enter the drawing?

There are several ways to enter a shelter or rescue organization in the CBD oil drawing. The easiest? Share this post on Facebook and tag the shelter you’d like to nominate. Be sure the post settings are set to “Public” so we can see the share and see which shelter you’ve tagged! This is the easiest way for you and for us, because we’ll know how to contact the shelter if they win. You can also email us ( with the name and contact info for the organization you’d like to enter. Shelters can enter themselves as well!

Is there any way to boost my shelter’s chances?

We’re glad you asked! Each person can only offer one entry, but if multiple people tag the same shelter, that shelter will get multiple entries! And if you’ve got a shelter pup and you’re willing to share a pic with us, you get 10 entries for your shelter!

Shop, Share, and Support

Many people are using ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™ to help their dogs with problems like anxiety, pain, seizures, and more. We know that shelters care for dogs who’ve been through a lot, and we think our CBD oil would be a great wellness solution for many of the animals they care for. Our CBD oil is the most rigorously tested and studied veterinary CBD oil on the market—it’s what you trust for your dogs and what we trust for ours. We think shelter pups deserve the best too!

If you’d like to support your local shelter by helping them win a Shelter Starter Pack that includes a full size bottle of ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™, shop and share! The more you buy, the more we donate. The more you share this post, the more chances your shelter has to win!

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