Why Our Product

When you give your pet C.H.O. Pet Tincture, you know exactly what you are getting:

Concentrated organic Colorado hemp oil extract (C.H.O.)

  Compounded specifically for veterinary use

  No psychoactive ingredient

Clinically proven to be safe and non-toxic for dogs

Our C.H.O. is derived from a hemp hybrid plant. It is important to understand that the characteristics, or “fingerprint,” of each plant are the result of its genetic make-up, which determines the ratios of all of the individual compounds found in it, including the more than 200 different terpenes and more than 100 other ingredients. It is the combination of all of those elements that distinguishes the effects of one strain from the effects of another.

Our C.H.O. ​Pet Tincture ​is made from one unique and specific hemp plant with a very distinct and consistent profile of active ingredients. The one-of-a-kind profile in our company’s products was found to be safe in dogs in the study we sponsored in 201​6​ at the Colorado State University veterinary medical school in Fort Collins, Colorado.

WARNING: There are many hemp products on the market today. It is impossible to extrapolate from the studies done on our company’s unique products to say that all hemp extracts are safe because each plant and each combination of flavinoids and terpenes, and other ingredients is unique. It is entirely possible that another company’s plant and its profile of compounds would have completely different effects and might not be safe for your pet.

Our company, Applied Basic Science Corporation, was founded to research the therapeutic benefits of our hemp hybrid plant oil extract (C.H.O.) in pets who suffer from epileptic seizures, joint pain from osteoarthritis, and a host of other conditions…and then manufacture trustworthy products to provide symptomatic relief.

C.H.O. Pet Tincture is our first product, and the only one for pets to undergo multiple clinical trials at the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, one of the country’s leading veterinary research institutions. We sponsor these clinical trials to demonstrate scientifically that our C.H.O. Pet Tincture compound is efficacious for epilepsy, osteoarthritis and pain management.

We are at the forefront of veterinary research and aim to be looked upon as the gold standard when it comes to pet products. Based on scientific research, veterinarians will be able to recommend ABSC’s products with confidence and pet owners will know that there is trusted science behind C.H.O. Pet Tincture.

Want to learn more about the people and science behind C.H.O. Pet Tincture?

“Tara is an 11-year-old retired Military Working Dog. She started slowing down and I noticed stiffness in her body and shaking in her hind legs, with and without physical exertion. She wouldn’t stand for long periods of time anymore. The veterinarian confirmed narrowing and fusion in several areas of her spine and prescribed NSAIDs and painkillers, which helped, but I wanted to try a more natural approach.

I had read several positive reviews of C.H.O. Pet Tincture and decided to give it a shot. I won’t say “immediate results”, but it was pretty darn close. With the veterinarian’s knowledge, I have reduced Tara’s pill intake. Another plus is that she used to be a pretty restless sleeper because of her pain and anxiety, but now she is calmer and sleeps much better.” 

Cristina C.

Virginia Beach, VA